First Blog Post!

WELCOME! I am so excited you are here! Let me first introduce myself!

My name is Katelyn Cash and I reside in the Northern Neck of Virginia (Lottsburg to be specific)! I'll warn you now I have an addiction to sprinkled donuts and hot chocolate! I have a lovely, supportive husband named Berkley. We met in our small town 7 years ago in July. Together we have two dogs, Darla Doodle and Lily Pad. Darla is a four year old Miniature Dachshund and Lily is our six year old Beagle. You will more than likely be seeing a lot of them in the future.

I am a very outdoorsy girl. My favorite season is SUMMER! I love the warm air, windblown hair, sandy beaches and cookouts. I also LOVE to travel because new experiences are what drives me!

I dipped my toes in photography in 2014 taking photos of friends and family then I got the chance to capture a wedding!! From that moment on I knew I was hooked. I instantly fell in love with the feeling I get behind the lens capturing moments people will hold on to for a life time. There is nothing better than giving your clients there images and them having that "OMG I LOVE THEM" moment! I want my clients to feel beautiful and leave the session with so much confidence. You are beautiful, everyone of you! Let me tell your story and show you for yourself!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you all will come back real soon! I plan to use this as a place to showcase my work, inform and share my journey and progress of my business with you all!

XO, Katelyn

Meet Katelyn! 

I am the lady behind the lens + blog! I am a Wedding + Anniversary Photographer based in the Northern Neck of Virginia. I am a lover of all things vintage + chocolate. I will not hesitate to raid a garage sale, auction or flea market. I was born and raised in the NNK + I met my husband, Berkley, here. We have two fur babies, Darla Doddle the Mini Dachshund and Lily Pad the Beagle.​

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