Fulcher Family

First, this family is just a enormous ball of energy! {Well maybe just Braxton!} Also not to forget super chill. About 45 mins prior to the session I called Melissa and asked if she wanted to move the session to a private location. They were so go with the flow of things! I LOVE shooting new locations and this one was untouched so I had to leave my stamp on it.

As soon as they arrived we hopped onto a golf cart and I chauffeured them to our two private locations! The first was a beautiful open beach along with a gorgeous field of wild flowers then we left for another beach that offered some beautiful golden hour shots and lots of intimate family moments!

Justin and Melissa were so entrusting with my vision and it has easily become one of my most favorite family sessions of all time! Enjoy some of my favorites!



Katelyn Cash

Meet Katelyn! 

I am the lady behind the lens + blog! I am a Wedding + Anniversary Photographer based in the Northern Neck of Virginia. I am a lover of all things vintage + chocolate. I will not hesitate to raid a garage sale, auction or flea market. I was born and raised in the NNK + I met my husband, Berkley, here. We have two fur babies, Darla Doddle the Mini Dachshund and Lily Pad the Beagle.​

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