Jillian + Brett | Sweetheart | Lancaster, VA

My oh my! I have been so excited for this blog post not only because all of the pretty but because I knew this session would hold a special place in their hearts forever!

So first a little back story. Jillian's mom, Jacque, and I work together so one day we were talking about Jillian's upcoming prom. She was deciding on her dress, "prom hair", Brett's outfit and dinner plans with her friends. As the date for prom approached, Jacque realized Brett would have a college game the same day as prom. HELLO BUMMER!

He would make it in time for prom but not for any photos prior. Well hello, it was Jillian's senior prom.. milestone moment here! So Jacque asked how I felt about maybe having a sweetheart session for them the weekend before prom. Of course I was SO thrilled!

Finally it was the date of their session and it was very clouding but hadn't rained all day...YET! This date was a must due to both our schedules and limited time prior to prom so we went with it. (SO glad we did!) As soon as I arrived to the location of our shoot.. downpours.. not just downpours but literally raining sideways was my phrase!! Did panic set in?.. No because I knew we were prepared with my quick, easy flow poses and a bubble umbrella we could do all things!

Jillian and Brett pull up and it started to ease off to just a mist at this point. We grab the bubble umbrella and start shooting. I just couldn't believe how relaxed they were from the beginning. They walked with ease, they looked into each others eyes with such love and passion and best of all they laughed though everything that was being thrown their way!

We drove a short distance to this amazing clover field and as soon as we got out I shirked like a little girl! My excitement could not be contained. As they stood in the rain dancing, nuzzling and laughing I realized I could stand in that field with them all day!

As I jumped through the clover like a deer crossing a field I was soaked from the waist down. My shoes had water gushing out of them but did I care.. NOPE! (anything for the shot!) Jillian and Brett certainly had the most unique prom photos and probably the most fondest memories from their session. Enjoy a few of my favorites!



Katelyn Cash

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