Joel + Haley Deihl | Wedding | Reedville, VA

A wedding that literally blew me away (pun intended)! Just one day before- lights were out all over town and fallen trees in neighboring counties but these love birds did not let it effect their big day! Haley and Joel have always been a pleasure to capture from their sweetheart session to their wedding day! Their love for one another shines through every image!!

Haley and Joel had an April wedding planned but when Joel was offered a job in Mississippi they started to move everything from the wedding date to their home!!

Despite everything they pulled off an incredible wedding complete with full hearts, wind blown hair, delicious food, great company and night full of dancing!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their day!!

PS - Stay until the end to see how they went out with a BANG!


Hello Sunset!

Shoe game!!

Cutest dancers!

Ended the night with a BANG!!



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